Exam project in mobil app starts tomorrow

I’ve tried to do some reasoning before choosing whether to use Google App Inventor or jQuery in my exam project. I think I have decided to use jQuery because it allows me more freedom when designing and styling(CSS3 and HTML5. Though the thing is that I have to rely more on my non-existing skills as a php- and javascript programmer … :-/

Google App Inventor is a “plug and play” solution(skills in programming are required, but it’s easier to use then programming from scratch), but the problem is that part where I’m supposed to design a nice looking app… It just takes to much effort and time to make something look nice and not having a “default” look.

The second argument for choosing jQuery is the chance of actually using Google App Inventor when I’m going to work as a pro… jQuery I can offer as a skill in every job I seek, not Google app?


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