After an interesting lecture in social media, remediation, hypermediacy and immediacy I wanted to see what social media solutions(web 2.0) there exist on the internet. I came across http://hootsuite.com/ which is a social media dashboard. With this solution you can access all your different social media stuff like Facebook, Twitter, WordPress, Ning and so on. I have used it for a few days now and I’m not that negative about it. It’s actually rather nice to have the opportunity to update your status, twitter and wordpress without accessing 3 different accounts.

I used to share all my links on facebook because it was easier than logging into wordpress and then write a post… Facebook is almost always open…

So now I’ll give this solution a chance to convince me to use WordPress more. At least it might convince me to go back to WordPress and write my post instead of using Facebook, hehe.

I’ll let you know what happens in a few weeks ;-)

Oh by the way – there is so much more to Hootsuite! Go check it out for yourself!


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Multimedia designer - Visual communication across media platforms. Working as graphic designer at deskwolf.com

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